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General Questions

What are Country Boom hours?

Camping Check-in
Wednesday – Camper Drop off only – 12pm–8pm
Thursday – 9am–8pm
Friday – 9am–8pm
Saturday – 9am–2pm
Camping Check-Out 
Sunday 2pm
Ticket office / Cash Loading
Thursday – 12pm–12am
Friday – 12pm–12am
Saturday – 12pm–12am
Concert Grounds
Thursday – 3pm – Midnight
Friday – 1pm – 2am (Saturday)
Saturday – 1pm – 2am (Sunday)

What forms of payment will be accepted? Will there be ATMs onsite?

Prior to the event you will need to register your wristband and link a debit or credit card in order to purchase items at the event. If you do not have a card or choose not to link it to your wristband, there will be a ATMs and a cash loading station onsite for your convenience. Vendors will not accept cash.

Are you accepting volunteers?

Yes, we are accepting a limited number of volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, information can be found here

Can I bring alcohol into the CONCERT grounds?

No carry ins allowed to the concert area

Are pets allowed?

There are no pets allowed in concert area, festival grounds, parking lots, or campgrounds, aside from service animals.

Can I leave and come back?

Yes, as long as you have the proper tickets and passes for you and your vehicle, you may leave and come back whenever you want.

Who can attend Country Boom?

While there is no age restrictions on our festival, it will not be an ideal setting for children. Some language and behavior may not be suitable for children, so bring at your own discretion.  Any child under the age of 18 should be accompanied by a parent or adult, or the parent assumes full responsibility for the child while attending the event.

For ticketing issues or questions

For any ticketing issues, address changes or ticket upgrades, please call 888.512.SHOW (7469) or visit

​For questions about registering for Country Boom Cashless, please reach out to [email protected].

​Please reach out to [email protected] for any other questions!

What is a cash loading station?

The cash loading station will be located in the ticket office and is where you can bring cash to load onto your wristband to use throughout the festival.

Can I bring food or beverages into the CONCERT grounds?

No carry ins allowed to the concert area. No exceptions.

Tickets and Wristbands

Can I upgrade or resell my ticket(s)?

Upgrade: Once you have purchased your ticket, an upgrade is available. You can do so at the gate or contact Front Gate Tickets at 888.512.SHOW (7469)

Reselling: Your purchase of Country Boom tickets is subject to our event terms which contain, among other things, a strict prohibition on ticket resale.  Country Boom will be partnering with a private ticket exchange company for those who are unable to attend and wish to sell their tickets.

Festival Box Office & Will Call

To pick up wristbands at Will Call, please bring your original order confirmation email and a valid, government-issued photo ID. You must be the original buyer to pick up wristbands up at Will Call.

How do I register my wristband?

Instructions for registering your wristband will be sent with your wristband prior to the event. Registration instructions will include a URL link and the prompt to add your debit or credit card.

What can I buy with my wristband?

You can purchase drinks, food, supplies, and merchandise at any of the vending locations.

Once I get my wristband, can I try it on?

DO NOT try on your wristband once you get it. Once it is tightened, it can not be loosened. Please put it in a safe location before Boom, and only put it on when you are on your way to the grounds.

Can my wristband get wet?

Yes, they are designed to handle water. Shower or swim, it will still work.

Can I get tickets at the gate?

Yes. Campground access passes, festival tickets, pit passes, etc. will be sold at the gate by availability. Tickets at the gate may be increased in price, and may be sold out prior to the event.

What are pit passes?

Pit passes are standing room only and allow you to get up close and personal with your favorite artist. However, you must have a festival ticket in addition to a pit passes to access the pit. Passes are limited in quantity and you must be 18 and older to enter the pit.

Can I get a refund?

All sales are final. We are unable to offer any ticket refunds. Country Boom is not responsible for tickets sold through a third party ticketing site not a partner of our festival. The event will take place rain or shine. Artists subject to change.

Do Children need tickets?

Yes, all ages must have a ticket/wristband due to security and liability requirements.

I registered my card, but I would like to use cash instead. What do I do now?

You can still load cash and your card will still be attached to your wristband, but a pop up will ask when you make a purchase as to which payment option you would like to use.

I loaded cash on my wristband, how do I get the money I didn’t use back?

If you do not use all of the cash you loaded, you must stop by the box office on your way out of the gates Friday or Saturday permitting the box office is still open for a refund. No refunds will given after the box office closes on Saturday night. You must have your wristband and ID to collect funds. Do not lose your wristband or a refund will not be possible.

What is Will Call? Where is it located?

Will Call is where your ticket will be if you order after the shipping deadline or if you are a media winner that did not receive tickets in time. It is located at the Ticket Box Office. You will need an ID to claim your wristband.

Camping Questions

How big is the site?

Campsites at 18’ wide and 40’ deep. If your camper can not fit within these requirements, you must purchase additional sites to accommodate.

Are there showers on the campground?

There will be shower options available for campers only.

Can I have alcohol at my site?

Yes, just no glass bottles please.

Can I drop my RV off early?

Absolutely, campgrounds will open Wednesday from 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm of Boom week. Campgrounds will open again on Thursday day at 12:00pm, and campers can start occupying their campsites for the weekend.  We encourage you to come early and/or to be aware of weather conditions to avoid complications.

Do I need a campground access pass? How many can stay at my site?

A purchased campsite will include TWO campground access passes. If any additional people want to stay on the campsite, they must purchase a campground access pass separately. There is a maximum limit of 6 people per campsite.

I only have one campsite, but there will be 3 different vehicles, what do we do?

You are allowed 1 vehicle on the site. The other vehicles will have to purchase a separate parking pass for the limited parking spaces next to the festival grounds, or be picked up from a shuttle location.

What do I do with the garbage?

You will be responsible for providing the garbage bags and bringing your garbage to one of the dumpsters conveniently located around the campgrounds.

A Check-out process end before you leave that includes inspection of site. Any trash or anything left at your campsite will result in the owner of the campsite being charged a fee of no less than $100 for removal of any trash, fixtures, etc.

Additional Details

Every campsite is 18’ x 40’

Up to 6 people allowed per site

Some campsites are not level, as the campground is located on an old golf course, so PLEASE be prepared and bring your own blocking.

There is only 1 vehicle allowed on a campsite. Please note: If you are driving an RV and have an additional car, both will be allowed on the campsite as long as they fit, as the RV is your sleeping unit and the car will then be your additional vehicle.

Please keep fire rings at least 10’ away from all sleeping units and vehicles

All people entering the Country Boom grounds do so at their own risk. No liability is to be assumed by owners, managers, officers, employees, promoters, sponsors or any other individuals or entities associated with the event.

Any person on the Boom grounds is subject to being photographed for future festival promotional purposes with no prior approval needed and no compensation.

Country Boom is not responsible for your campsite, for personal injury, loss, theft, or damage to any person or property. Please lock up all personal belongings when you leave the site and at night.

Travel and Lodging Questions

Are there hotels available if I don't want to camp?

Yes, there are hotels we recommend under the ‘Info’ tab on the Getting Here page.

Country Boom

Country Boom was founded on the premise to provide an unforgettable experience in a few key areas: music, food, drinks, venue, and amenities….without the wait times or chaos. It comes down to the details.

Located at the scenic Maple Grove Venues, a former golf course, we’ve partnered with the best country music promoter in the country to bring you a lineup of current country stars and the brightest up-and-coming talent to the stage. While enjoying the music, you can enjoy a wide array of beverages at a fair price, and delicious cuisine from hand picked establishments all over the Midwest. From BBQ, wings, and professional caterers, to the simplicity of a fried food truck…your feast awaits.

The days of camping in a hay field are over. Experience the difference of camping under mature trees, and beating the summer heat!

Come party in the shade, as we bring the soul of Nashville, right to heart of the Midwest.

Country Boom

Country Boom is positioned to be one of the paramount country music and camping festivals in the Midwest featuring some of the biggest names in country music. Located just outside the breathtaking and entertaining La Crosse, Wisconsin.