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Diesel Drive


Four years in the making, plans were made, ideas were bounced, availability didn’t manifest, and finally the planets aligned. From the ideas of two farm town bo…ys came Diesel Drive. This punching country band is the conglomeration of two well known local bands: Inertia and Standby. With years of playing classic rock and hard rock these 5 came to their senses and found the light in country as they knew was in their bones. Along with the transition came a unique hard rockin country sound that’ll knock you into next week. In proving their chops and yankin the party out of ya, Diesel Drive hammers out the top country of today and of the greats alike but will soon knock them boots off with their own material. Look out cuz the party’s comin!

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Country Boom

Country Boom is positioned to be one of the paramount country music and camping festivals in the Midwest featuring some of the biggest names in country music. Located just outside the breathtaking and entertaining La Crosse, Wisconsin.